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Miami Trip With The Cheese Chicks!

Cheese Chicks: /chEEz/ “CHIKS”

A group of female-owned charcuterie business owners who have formed a strong connection via social media through their shared love of entrepreneurship, cheese, and wine. They believe in collaboration over competition. Established in 2020.

This past January, the Cheese Chicks wanted to escape the cold weather and take a vacation. When Natalie from Amazing Graze Co offered to show us around her city of Miami, Florida, how could we say no?! It was such a surreal experience because although we talk to each other every day online, we had never met in person before this girl’s getaway. It was such a treat to hug and squeeze the girls who have been there for me for the past two years, whether I needed a quick brainstorming session, business advice, or just a chat with a friend in the industry!

The trip was everything we could have hoped for and Miami served us well! We laughed, we hugged, and of course, we cheesed it up. We shared our dreams and business goals, we strategized, encouraged, empowered, and we lifted each other up.

Our itinerary included relaxing beach trips complete with umbrellas, loungers, and cabana service, we walked the sands and shops of South Beach, and indulged in delicious cuisine & celebratory champagne! While the 3 days went by far too fast, it truly solidified our relationships and made us appreciate this wonderful community even more.

We missed our other “cheese sisters” who couldn’t make it, but we promised to meet up again soon. Maybe I should get a head start on planning the next trip, perhaps the other 9 chicks can head to Dallas later this year? Ladies, what do you think?

Until next time,

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